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there is no ps4 controller support

Hey SPot01 thank you for leaving the feedback. We have put that onto our backlog and will look into implementing that feature.

why wont it download???????

Hi Smile - can you give us some more information about what is going wrong so that we can help? If you need to, feel free to email us at

Beam Team definitely has a good mix of simple and challenging while having a cute and charming appearance.
Playing the game at SMASH! 2018 was loads of fun and it was very satisfying to finally defeat the Donut Planet after an hour or so. Looking forward to more challenging planets!

Thank you for playing at Smash! :) We will continue development on Beam Team to bring you more content and planets to destroy. Subscribe to us for more updates on Beam Team and our other new titles that we are working on.

If we purchase the game for 2 dollars will we only receive the latest version or will we be given access to future updates? 

Hey Mephistoxoxo, yes once you purchase it you'll receive a unique URL to download most recent uploaded version of the game and will have access to future updates/ the full release of the game. This current version is pre-Smash 2018 version. We'll be uploading that version within this week. 

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Was playing the game today at Smash Sydney 2018 and all I can say was it was the best game I played throughout the whole event. It was really challenging but fun a the same time. Simple graphics, simple controls but hard to master. My friend and I kept coming back and playing it because it felt like a challenge yet it was able to give hours of fun. Completed the Earth Challenge but definitely found Donut Planet difficult. Keep up the good work and I'm keen to see more content that you release in the future. All the best!!!

Hi Jay -
Thanks for such kind words! We're really glad  you enjoyed your time with the game. Make sure you stay tuned to keep up with updates as we add  more planets.