Beam Team Update

Hi everybody!

We've just submitted an update to Beam Team. This fixes up a number of bugs (mostly minor, but one major). Thanks to TerrifiedPrinny for finding a number of bugs for us! Check out their stream here.

New features:

-We have added analytics to the game so we can track how people are doing against various difficulty levels, and use this information to ensure we're balancing the game to be accessible to all.

Bugs fixed:

-Fixed up a bug that was causing some random deaths for players

-Fixed up the Xbox controller start button for Windows

-Fixed up a bug in Home Phase 3 that was causing some enemy attacks to become frozen

-Fixed drift on planet selection screen

-Fixed Space Jelly's name displaying incorrectly on planet selection screen

-Fixed a minor glitch where difficulty names sometimes wouldn't appear on the difficulty selection UI

-Fixed player dying after planet ends

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Nov 14, 2018 60 MB
Nov 14, 2018

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