Funky Paint The Wall

You and your friends have been tasked with a simple chore. Paint the wall. And none of that funny business you usually get up to. But… the urge to be funky is so overwhelming. Surely nobody will mind if you splosh paint to the beat?

Funky Paint the Wall is a collaborative, competitive, wall-painting rhythm game. Paint to the beat, pass your phone around, and see who is the best at funky painting the

For $2, patrons get access to 2 new games a month! Follow us on our journey here:


This game is played using keyboard
Tap: Mouse click or Q
Flick: Mouse drag or W

Choose a painting sequence which corresponds to a set of beats, and then try to match those beats. After you finish, pass the phone to your opponent, who gets to try and match your sequence. Then, they choose a sequence and send it back to you. Better timing means better painting. May the best painter win!

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